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Below is a design that we are working on at present. Note how I produce a scaled drawing of the site, with a mood board of ideas that we have had in preliminary meetings. Also a detailed plant list that you can relate to the design. Each plant is linked to the drawing.

Terms and conditions for design work:

My initial visit to the property is free of charge, and I will bring (point you towards on Facebook, and on my webpage) examples of my work.

For the fee of xxx *, I will do a garden survey of your plot, and from this I will produce a detailed 2-D drawing of your garden with a proposed design. This design will have details and photos of proposed materials and plants used. 

We will have an initial meeting of up to an hour (this could be via email or phone), to discuss your needs, and for me to assess how you will use your garden and what ongoing maintenance you will be able to provide.

If the site is complex a surveyor may be needed – if this is the case I can arrange this for you. It is your responsibility to let me know of any services (such as drains or buried cables) that are situated in the garden. You should also make me aware if there are any trees with Preservation Orders on, if you are in a conservation area, or your house is Listed.

From the first design proposals, a further meeting of up to an hour is available to discuss changes and alterations. From this a further design will be produced if necessary, with a subsequent meeting of up to 30 mins to discuss any issues.

Any further emails or phone calls outside of the above timeframe will be charged at an hourly rate, agreed at the start of the process.

Planting fees and costs of the plants will be quoted separately. Some clients prefer to plant themselves to keep costs down, but it should be noted that different plants need different mediums, space and light conditions.

By using someone with a good knowledge of horticulture, many of the plants put in should survive well. Some nurseries do supply a guarantee, but as watering, feeding, weeding and pruning are often important with new plants, I am not able to guarantee that you will have a 100% success rate with all your plants. I can supply references though to show that I do have a high success rate with my planting methods.

The above rates are a guide and rates vary depending on the size of the garden and the complexity of the design. Travel time, and project monitoring will be charged at the hourly rate.

*As a guide

- a planting plan, mood board and 2-D design £200–£500

If the property is more than 25 miles away, there may be an additional cost for mileage.