‘An Englishman home is his castle’ . This quote is demonstrated very clearly with the 6ft+ high wooden fences that run up and down our narrow gardens across the country. Good garden design does not close the owner off from the world, but considers views, air movement, neighbour relations, micro climates (including casting large areas into shade). There are lots of options beyond the wooden panel fence. Generally though the price goes up steeply. Consider with your design to go for lower fences, with trellis for climbers, creating habitats for wildlife, scent for you and your neighbours, and flowers.

Joe McWilliams Garden Design in Cambridge will help you consider you boundaries. There are often times when screen is essential for peace of mind, when there is a road or long necked wild animal! 

This fence below that we built in Cottenham, had a busy road where I was taking the picture from. 

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Cottenham, fen, fence design
Shelford Garden Design, fences, trellis

I was pleased with this fence, designed and build in Cambridge. 

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