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​My passion is for creating gardens that are functional and beautiful – with a particular emphasis on family and wildlife friendly gardens. Whether it is a garden landscaping job, a garden design and build, a domestic or business maintenance contract, I can take the work off you so that your time off can be to enjoy the plants, the views, the scents in the garden.


Lawn care

Landscaping can take quite a number of weeks to complete. This is why patios, fences, ponds, paths take up the most time. My garden design works to a budget, as I have done much of the landscaping work myself I know how much it should cost. The benefit from a design, is that your can have an overview of your garden, and make decisions that you will be pleased with later. A piece meal approach to garden work, often feels the most practical at the time, but i can help you order your work so that it is most efficient. With a plan you will hopefully not end up having to take up plants that are in the wrong place, and may be too vigorous for instance. You can paint that fence while the climbers are cut back. the hedge can be cut with no risk of disturbing nesting birds. The design stage, allows you to stand back and look at what works in the garden, working out what garden landscaping needs to be done, and what plants to keep, prune back. Also the best part looking at what plants to add. Plants can be evergreen woody perennials to add year round structure, flowering shrubs that can be quite long-lasting, herbaceous plants to pop up in the summer and dazzle, archetecural plants.

Do not forget your house and indoor plants. Many of these can rest over winter, in a frost free environment, and then really add some shape and interest around the garden, particularly on the patio.


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My own lawn at home is not a mono culture. I could use herbicides to kill the broad leaves weeds, artificial fertiliser to keep it green. I prefer to aerate and scarify in the autumn and top dress and grass seed, feed with sea weed fertiliser, over look the occasional dandelion and enjoy watching the chickens and green woodpecker enjoy finding worms and ants. I am a practical gardener, and if a certain weed is really taking over, I may take action. Creating a golf course using a lot of pesticides. I do find this hard to justify. 

I do realise that some people in certain circumstances like a mono culture lawn. I will work with them to have least impact environmentally to meet there aims. Gardening with nature not against it.