This garden design was for the Martin's in Waterbeach. I took out the rather drab plants: overgrown Cornus and Choisya. I took the grass up, and enriched a trench. The soil in this part of Waterbeach is very heavy clay. Into the trench went a hedge row of Lonicera nitida 'Baggesens Gold' with their tiny, blonde leaves that will be cut into a neat hedge once this has knitted together. With young children, they wanted plants for bees, hence a Buddleja buzz. Scented roses were to be the main focus of the beds, with Astrantia, Echinacea, Geranium and bulbs/corns of Iris reticulate and Aliums adding accents of colour. 

I cut the larch sleepers to go with the corner of the drive. A dwarf apple tree, for interest as they come out of the door, and apples for the young ones to pick. 

Into the gravel, I planted Stipa tenuisima, Achillea 'Moonshine and a Carex. 

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